Stronger. More Mobile. Pain Free.

Active Life Assessments

Ever wonder why your back hurts after you workout? Or if your ankles are really the limiting factor when you squat?

We’ve helped thousands of athletes identify weaknesses and eliminate pain with a series of simple tests and BulletproofRx programs.

Basic Assessment

  • Included with a Membership
  • Ankle and Shoulder Mobility Assessments
  • Lower Body Strength Balance Assessment
  • Upper Body Strength Balance Assessment
  • Reviewed by a member of the Active Life Coaching Staff

Price: only $49
No long term commitment
Complete at your own pace
1/2 off month 1 of a Bulletproof Membership if you choose to join.

Link to more info HERE

Enhanced Assessment

  • Full Body flexibility, mobility and strength balance assessment
  • Results are reviewed by one of The Active Life Doctors
  • Appropriate for athletes dealing with a training plateau, chronic pain and/or a mobility issue severely limiting training.

Price: only $149
No long term commitment
Work with an Active Life Doctor
1/2 off month 1 of a 1 on 1 Membership if you choose to join.

Link to more info HERE

Which assessment is right for me?

If you aren’t sure we suggest starting with the Basic Assessment and standard BulletproofRx joint specific programs (if you decided to become a member).

Upgrade to an Enhanced Assessment if you:

  1. want your results reviewed by a doctor
  2. have chronic pain
  3. were recently injured or are returning from surgery
  4. have used BulletproofRx programs and still have a nagging issue
  5. are a competitive athlete and might want a custom program

Active Life Assessments

Active Life Assessments