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Active Life Athlete Membership


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Identify and correct weaknesses and imbalances to build healthy joints that last a lifetime.

On Your Schedule

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Improve flexibility, mobility and strength balance with 10-20 minutes of BulletproofRx training 3-5 days per week.

Pain Free PRs

Crush plateaus with a body capable of generating force through your entire range of motion.

Active Life Athlete Membership - Jared Stevens Farmer Carry

Frequently Asked Questions

Membership Questions

Question: Can I cancel at any time?
Answer: Yes. There is a red Cancel button on the member home page.

Question: How many programs can I do at one time?
Answer: You can schedule 3 programs at a time.

Question: If I buy an annual membership will I make the Olympics?
Answer: We’re not saying yes but we’re not saying no. Sky’s the limit.

What Equipment Do I Need?

Must Have:

  • Kettlebells or Dumbbells. The weights needed depend on how strong you are.
  • A barbell and weights.
  • A Plyo Box to step up on (for lower body programs, not needed for Bulletproof Shoulders).
  • A Pull-Up Bar
  • Something heavy to carry. Preferably farmer carry handles but they’re not required.

Nice to Have:

  • Farmer Carry Handles.
  • A squat rack.
  • Bumper plates.
  • Sandbags.
  • A jump rope.

Several programs call for a rower or an assault bike; however, you can substitute jogging, jumping rope or rucking.

Program Questions

Question: Do I have to do the programs 5 days per week?
Answer: Nope. You can work through the programs at your own pace.

Question: How long does it take to notice a difference?
Answer: It depends on how messed up you are. 🙂 Most athletes see improvement in 2-3 weeks.

If you don’t feel any better in 4-5 weeks you need to contact us using the support button.

Question: Who creates the workouts?
Answer: Dr Jeremy Todd, Dr Sean Pastuch, Dr Ray Gorman and Love Doctor Rob Maloney write every workout.


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Bulletproof Programs

Athlete, Coach and 1 On 1 Members may schedule as many programs as you need. They are all included with your membership. If you don't want to become a Member you can purchase individual programs. Learn more by selecting a program below.

Total Body

  1. BulletproofRx Body - 100+ workouts

Joint Specific

  1. BulletproofRx Ankles - 40 workouts
  2. BulletproofRx Knees - 40 workouts
  3. BulletproofRx Hips - 40 workouts
  4. BulletproofRx Shoulders - 40 workouts
  5. BulletproofRx Shoulders Max - 110 Workouts

Strength Balance

  1. BulletproofRx Single Leg Bias - 40 workouts
  2. BulletproofRx Deadlift Dominant - 40 workouts
  3. BulletproofRx Squat Dominant - 40 workouts

Midline Stability

  1. BulletproofRx Back - 40 workouts
  2. BulletproofRx Back Max - 80 workouts

Skill and Prep

  1. BulletproofRx Olympic Lifting - 65 workouts
  2. BulletproofRx Open Prep (designed for the CrossFit Open or similar competition) - 40 workouts

Active Life Athlete Membership - Aja Supinated Hang

Active Life Athlete Membership

$39/month. Cancel with Zero Days Notice.
Buy an Athlete Membership Now
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