Happy T-Spine. Happy Life.

If you have issues with your upper back, neck, posterior shoulder, etc. a great place to start is with our Bulletproof Shoulder program. It’s included in an Athlete Membership.

If your “T-spine” is painful, severely limited or keeps you from getting into a front rack or holding a barbell overhead you need to contact us.

Have issues you’d like to discuss? Answer a few questions and a member of our coaching staff will get back to you within 1 business day.

  • Tell us about yourself and why you are interested in Active Life. Be sure to describe any pain, injury, surgery or mobility issues.
  • Check the box to indicate we have your permission to store this information on our secure servers and to share it with our staff as necessary to evaluate your situation and respond. We will not provide this information to anyone else for any reason. We respond by email and include an opt-out link so you can easily make us stop.
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