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Which BulletproofRx Program Should I Do?

This is America, you can do whichever BulletprooRx Program you want. However, some programs may not make sense for you and should be avoided. For example, if you are Deadlift Dominant you should not do the Squat Dominant Program. If your knees hurt the problem may...

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Can Active Life BulletproofRx Programs Fix a Crooked Squat?

Question: Can Active Life BulletproofRx Programs Fix a Crooked Squat? This is a frequent question. It is often asked like this: "When I squat above 80% of my 1RM in the back squat my hips move to the right side and my right leg does more work. I need some help!"...

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Do You Offer Discounts or Coupons?

Currently you can pay $195 for 5 months and get 9 (4 free) or pay $390 for 10 months and get 18 (8 free). When your free months end you are NOT committed to continue as a Member. Direct link to this promotion HERE.

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What we Test at an Active Life Assessment Workshop

At the workshop members of the Active Life coaching staff assist you with a series of flexibility, mobility and strength balance assessments. Flexibility and Mobility Tests Ankle Knee Hip Shoulder Wrist Strength Balance Tests Sumo Deadlift Squat Front Rack Box Step Up...

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