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Lift Forever.


Healthy joints, balanced muscles a rock solid midline for a lifetime of performance.

The Stuff You Need

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So you can do the stuff you love. Just 10-20 minutes of accessory training 3-5 days per week is all it takes.

Pain Free PRs.

Lift without pain and set new records with a body capable of generating force through your entire range of motion.



Join the thousands of athletes improving and regaining performance with our daily programs.

Every workout is built by an Active Life doctor to correct imbalances, improve mobility and eliminate pain.


With more than 300 workouts you’ll never run out of Bulletproofin’.

The program is guided and keeps track of where you left off.

Have questions along the way? An Active Life doctor or coach is happy to answer them for you.


Flexibility, mobility and strength balance assessments are built into the program to identify and correct potentially dangerous limitations.

Athlete Members with severe limitations or imbalances have access to area specific programs for:

  • Shoulders
  • Knees
  • Ankles


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Frequently Asked Questions

What Equipment Do I Need?

Must Have:

  • Kettlebells or Dumbbells. The weights needed depend on how strong you are.
  • A barbell and weights.
  • A Plyo Box to step up on (for lower body programs, not needed for Bulletproof Shoulders).
  • A Pull-Up Bar
  • Something heavy to carry. Preferably farmer carry handles but it’s not required. Many athletes use a Brute Force sandbag.

Nice to Have:

  • Farmer Carry Handles.
  • A squat rack.
  • Bumper plates.
  • Sandbags.
  • A jump rope.

Several programs call for a rower or an assault bike; however, you can substitute jogging, jumping rope or rucking.

Program Questions

Question: Can I cancel at any time?
Answer: Yes. There is a red Cancel button on the member home page.

Question: How long does it take to notice a difference?
Answer: It depends on how messed up you are. 🙂 Most athletes see improvement in 2-3 weeks.

If you don’t feel any better in 4-5 weeks you need to contact us using the support button.

Question: Who creates the workouts?
Answer: Dr Sean Pastuch and Dr Ray Gorman write every workout.

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