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BulletproofRx Membership Home

BulletproofRx Membership Home

BulletproofRx Membership Home


Open for an Introduction to the Membership Home Page

This is where Members link to their scheduled BulletproofRx Program workouts and other Member assets.

  • BulletproofRx workouts are always listed since that program is immediately available to all Athlete and Coach Members.
  • If any additional Rx Programs are scheduled, those workouts are listed next.
  • Use the “Workout” links to access workouts. Green workouts are completed. Normally you’ll select the first red workout.
  • If a Member has old-format programs in progress, red button links are provided to access those workouts.
  • If an Rx-version of a program is available, don’t start the old-format version. They will soon be retired.
  • Use the Scheduler to schedule or cancel an Rx Program.
  • Use the Scheduler to change or cancel an old-format Program.
  • If you are not a Member but you purchased a product you have access to the workouts for that product, but not to the main BulletproofRx workouts. Those are for Athlete and Coach Members and are not for sale as a product.
  • For faster access from your mobile device add an App Icon: Apple IOS | Android
Open to review scheduled and recent site changes

All Specialized Programs are Converted to Rx format: When starting a new program, Members now always get the Rx format. All old format programs will be retired eventually. Wait, there is one more to convert. The Coaches are working to convert Bulletproof Lower Body into BulletproofRx Single Leg Bias. That program should show up within a week. Lower Body is no longer needed because it is covered by BulletproofRx and several specialized programs (Hips, Knees, Back). However, none of those programs deals specifically with a Single Leg Bias. The new Rx program will.

Are You a Human Test: Members no longer have to prove their humanity by entering a code when using the scheduler or other forms on the site. This was done to keep hackers out of the forms and is now accomplished behind the scenes so we don’t waste your time entering codes.

Additional Site Menu Option: Coach Members were added to the site menu so they can get to their information directly.

Site Menu: We released a simpler menu that is easier to work with on a mobile device. It is always a humburger menu, even on a desktop. The menu options are:

  • Join: For new members to join or current members to upgrade/downgrade.
  • Programs: Info about each BulletproofRx Program. Purchase a BulletproofRx Program.
  • Members: Members access program workouts and other member services.
  • Scheduler: Members schedule programs. The main BulletproofRx program is always scheduled.
  • Workshop: Register for a BulletproofRx Workshop. Schedule one at your location.
  • Search: Search the Knowledge Base for answers to frequent questions.
  • Profile: Update your user info, including payment info.
  • Login/out: Members must Login to access member services.
  • Shop: The Active Life shop.
  • Home: Return to the front page. Also can click on the Header Logo.

Other BulletproofRx Programs: Bulletproof Programs are converting to BulletproofRx versions. The Rx versions use the self-paced delivery system so you can proceed at whatever pace works best for you. The workouts are the same. If you recently started a program you can cancel it and schedule the Rx version instead.

BulletproofRx Program: All new members should start with this program. All current members should consider starting it. Links to the BulletproofRx workouts are available lower down on this page. You don’t need to schedule it. The workouts are designed to benefit your entire body and to identify which other programs, if any, you need. The coaches focused on providing more information with each BulletproofRx workout.

Self-paced Workout Delivery: The system keeps track of completed workouts so you can proceed at whatever pace works best for you.

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