Active Life Bulletproof Shoulders

Our most popular upper body program improves shoulder mobility, reduces pain and increases performance.
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Improve Mobility

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Lift without pain, feel stable with weight overhead and nail butterfly pull-ups with healthy shoulders capable of achieving full range of motion.

Eliminate Pain

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15-20 minutes of focused strength balance training 3-5 days per week can eliminate the nagging shoulder issues holding you back.

Improve Performance

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You won’t reach full potential with painful and immobile shoulders incapable of producing force through full range of motion.

Bulletproof Shoulders is an excellent program if you:

  • struggle with overhead movements
  • have shoulder pain
  • lack overhead stability and/or mobility
  • can’t lock your arms out overhead
  • have hit a plateau in your training

Bulletproof Shoulders was developed by Dr. Sean Pastuch to improve shoulder function in athletes.

Primary Objectives:

  • Improve shoulder mobility
  • Increase strength at end range
  • Improve joint health

Secondary Objectives:

  • Increase upward rotation of the scapula
  • Increase functional rotator cuff strength
  • Improve overhead position
  • Increase pressing strength
  • Increase core strength
  • Increase grip and carry strength

Most workouts can be completed in less than 15 minutes. A few take as much as 25 minutes until you get more proficient with the movements.

You have access to our doctors and coaches to help get the most out of the BulletproofRx Shoulders experience.

If possible, Bulletproof Shoulders should be done before you start your actual workout. They are an amazing warmup and shouldn’t interfere with your normal routine.

Question: I can only do them after I workout. Is that okay or will I die?
Answer: It’s best to do them beforehand but if you have to do them after you workout or in a separate session that’s ok.

Equipment Needed for Bulletproof Shoulders

Your local gym probably has enough equipment to get you through the program. If you are a garage warrior or go to a small gym with limited equipment you should keep reading.

We break equipment needs into 3 groups.

1. Essential

  • Barbell and weights
  • Assorted dumbbells or kettlebells (weights and number depend on how strong you are)
  • A pull-up bar
  • 6 foot (approx) length of PVC pipe
  • Something heavy to carry. You can probably get away with heavy kettlebells and dumbbells but Farmer Carry Handles are really nice if you can get your hands on some.

Note: if you really want to do the program you can make it work with very little. I did Bulletproof Legs and Bulletproof Shoulders using only the following:

  • 50 lb and 70 lb sandbag
  • 36 lb, 55 lb and 70 lb kettlebell
  • Rogue Plyo Box
  • 6 foot (approx) length of PVC pipe

2. Nice to have

  • Farmer Carry Handles: for real. They are a good investment.

3. Lotto winner

  • Yoke
  • Axle
  • Assault Bike
  • Rower
  • Bentley. Why not? You won the lotto.


Ready? Get Started Now!

Also consider Bulletproof Shoulders Max. The first 40 workouts are identical to Bulletproof Shoulders but then it includes an additional 70 workouts with a focus on strength.

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