About the BulletproofRx Test Drive

  • Six BulletproofRx Style workouts
  • Mobility and Strength Balance Assessments
  • Sample Training Modules from the Active Life Coach Series

But wait! There’s more!

  • 100% free
  • No Credit Card required
  • No Obligation

“I’ve never found anything that works this well, this fast. It’s made me a better CrossFitter.”

Brooke Wells

CrossFit Games Athlete

Not mandatory.

You don’t have to do every part of the Test Drive. Have a specific problem area? Jump right to it. #freedom

Sample Workouts From

  1. BPRx Ankles
  2. BPRx Shoulders
  3. BPRx Single Leg Bias
  4. BPRx Back
  5. BPRx Olympic Lifting
  6. BPRx

Assess Yo’ Self

  1. Ankle Mobility Assessment
  2. Shoulder Mobility and Strength Balance Assessment
  3. Lower Body Mobility and Strength Balance Assessment

Price = $0.00. Zero Dollars. Free.

BulletproofRx Test Drive
What does this picture have to do with the BulletproofRx Test Drive? Nothing. Absolutely nothing…but I bet you’re happy it’s here.

BulletproofRx Test Drive


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