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BulletproofRx Workshop

Come Ready To Train

This is a hands-on workshop with lots of lifting, mobility and flexibility testing.

NOTE: you do not need to be strong or flexible to attend. This workshop is for athletes of all levels.

Come prepared to:

  • deadlift
  • squat
  • press
  • perform bodyweight movements

Our goal is not to smoke you; however, the assessments are challenging and you will be tired when you leave.

About The Workshop

To achieve your goals you need to train consistently. To train consistently you must avoid injury.

We work with athletes to eliminate pain and prevent injury by improving mobility and correcting strength imbalances.

At a Bulletproof Workshop the Active Life doctors and coaches take you through the Athlete’s Hierarchy of Needs to identify flexibility, mobility and strength balance limitations that can lead to injury or are currently limiting your performance.

performance care hierarchy of needs active life

Flexibility and Mobility
At the workshop we assess:

  • where your flexibility and mobility is limited
  • how limited flexibility and mobility impacts training and can lead to injury and reduced performance
  • how to modify workouts based on flexibility and mobility limitations

Strength Balance
At the workshop we test:

  • how balanced your lower body is
  • how balanced your upper body is
  • how strong your legs are working together vs. working alone

Based on these assessments and tests we can tell you which (if any) Bulletproof Programs are appropriate or if you need more advanced 1 on 1 programming from one of our doctors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do I have to be a Bulletproof Member to attend?
Answer: Nope.

Question: Do I have to become a Bulletproof Member after the workshop?
Answer: Nope; however, a month of free Bulletproofing is provided with the workshop registration so you can try it out without having to make another purchase.

Question: I hurt my back in a WOD last week and can’t lift weights. Can I still come to the workshop?
Answer: Absolutely. Our doctors and coaches will work with you to modify the assessments and tests.

Question: Will I lift weights at the workshop?
Answer: Yes. Come prepared to workout.

Question: Are drinks and food provided?
Answer: No. Please bring food and beverages with you.

CrossFit Bound

Kennesaw, Georgia
17 June 2017
10 AM

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Warlock Athletics

Lagrangeville, NY
25 June 2017
11 PM

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CrossFit Zeal

Holly Springs, NC
8 July 2017
11:00 AM

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Harborside CrossFit

Buffalo, NY
15 July 2017
11:00 AM

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CrossFit South Brooklyn

South Brooklyn, NY
16 July 2017
2 PM

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Blue Crab CrossFit

Hanover, MD
29 July 2017
11 AM

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Old Line CrossFit

Millersville, MD
30 July 2017
11:00 AM

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CrossFit 718

Brooklyn, NY
12 August 2017
12 PM

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Northern Nevada Athletic Club

Reno, NV
26 August 2017
11 AM

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BulletproofRx Workshop

BulletproofRx Workshop

BulletproofRx Workshop

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