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17 December 2016 at a gym near you.

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How Christmas Crippler Works

  • You register
  • We mail you a T-shirt or ladies cut tank top
  • A donation is made to a worthy cause
  • On or about 17 December you do the Christmas Crippler WOD with hundreds of your closest friends*

* or alone in your garage. We aren’t here to judge.
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Question: Can I start a team and Host a Christmas Crippler event at my gym?
Answer: Yes, yes you can. You can start a team during the registration process.

Question: What percentage of registration revenue is sent to the Team Captain or Host?
Answer: Zero percent. Proceeds from registration revenue are sent directly to our charity partners.

Question: Should I have a toy drive as part of the event?
Answer: Absolutely. That is an awesome idea. You just made Santa’s Nice List.

Question: Are there other incentives for Teams?
Answer: Yes. Cash money will be donated to charities selected by Team Captains and/or individual athletes who kick grinch ass in contests.

Question: When will I get my shirt(s)?
Answer: We’re ordering a few now and the rest in late November. Unless you’re one of the first 100 or so people to register you won’t get a shirt until early December.

The Workout

For Time:

2 Rounds
12 Power Cleans @ 50% of your 1 rep max Squat Clean
25 Wall Balls


150 Double Unders/Single Unders


2 Rounds
12 Overhead squats @ 50% of your 1 rep max Squat Clean
25 Push Ups

Scaling Options

Wall Balls
– Rx: 20/14 to a 10 foot target
– Scaled: 14/10 to an 8 foot target
– Party: Same as scaled or eat 2 donuts.

Double Unders
– Rx: 2 revolutions per jump
– Scaled: 1 revolution per jump
– Party: Same as scaled or 3 minutes of freestyle dance

Push Ups
– Rx: Chest to the ground at the bottom and arms locked out at the top
– Scaled: Hands elevated on 20 inch box
– Party: Same as scaled or drink 8 ounces of egg nog

Christmas Crippler Teams

Christmas Crippler Athletes


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